+*B SG South-Fork Toi Soldier
06-04 91 EEE
DOB: 3/5/2005
+*B SG South Fork Toi Soldier
SS: ++*B Hammerich's Zeba's Charmer Beau
S: +*B SG Redwood Hill's Beau Charmer
SD: Redwood Hills Suess Chiquita 4*M
DS: +*B Tempo Scotty
D: SGCH South-Fork Toi Dancer AI
DD: SGCH South-Fork Diamond Dancer 3*M

After losing Charmer, we knew if Toi had a buck kid he was going to be a keeper. We could not have asked for a nicer doe to keep a Charmer son out of! Toi is a powerhouse of a doe. She was long and tall, gorgeous front end, and, in my opinion, the best udder we have ever bred.

Toi Soldier has that same beautiful front end. He is long and level, very upstanding, with beautiful angulation to his rear legs and a wide, wide escutcheon. He has been 2X 1st, 2X 2nd and was Res. GCH at only 3 months of age! LA at 6 years - EEE - EX 91. He earned his SG status and was on the Elite Sire list in the fall of 2008. In the fall of 2009, he was named #1 on the Elite Sire list and is currently #3 on the Elite Sire list.

His first milking daughters are beautiful! He consistently improved front ends, shape of udder, extension to the fore, teat size and placement, and milk production. One daughter, Sweet Trick, was 4th place Yearling Milker at the 2007 National Show out of a large, competitive class. We are extremely pleased that he has 4 GCH daughters with just limited use in our herd, and that the daughters who were appraised were just outstanding!

We were thrilled to see two of Soldier's daughters place really well at the 2010 National Show. CH South Fork Sweet Trixie, who is a genetic full sister to our Tricky, was 3rd place 3 year old with 2nd udder and CH South-Fork TS Charade was 11th place 4 year old, both in large competitive classes! Trixie has been 6X BDIS to date, she is truly an exceptional individual. Another daughter, Moonglow TS Keira, received her first GCH leg in August. All of these beautiful does are owned by Cash Farms, Amarillo, TX

In August we had someone make us a good offer for Toi Soldier. He is an amazing buck and it was a hard decision for us, but with him being 8 this year and having lots of semen, we felt it was the right move. Toi Soldier had a big, wonderful pen and stall at the horse barn, where he has lived for the past 4 years. Luckily, he was picked up exactly a week before the flood, otherwise he would not have survived. It is sometimes strange to see how things work out!

Deceased, no semen available

+*B SG South Fork Toi Soldier
Toi Soldier relaxing in his brand new pen-Summer 2010

Toi Soldier Daughters:
SGCH South-Fork Sweet Trick SGCH South-Fork Sweet Breeze
SGCH South-Fork Sweet Trick 3*M
LA-92 (EEEE)
3-0 252 2630 95 in progress
Dam: GCH South-Fork Sweet Charity AI 2*M
SGCH South-Fork Sweet Breeze 4*M
LA-91 (EEEE)
2-11 263 2430 101 in progress
Dam: SG South-Fork BV Sweet Spirit
South-Fork Sweet Rose South-Fork Sweet Bon Bon
South-Fork Sweet Rose
LA-91 (VVEE)
Dam: GCH South-Fork Sweet Charity AI 2*M
South-Fork Sweet Bon Bon
LA-89 (EVEE)
Dam: South-Fork Sweet Truffles 4*M
CH South-Fork TS Charade South-Fork Sweet TrixieSouth-Fork Sweet Trixie
CH South-Fork TS Charade
Dam: GCH South-Fork Silver Cierra
Owned by Cash Farms
CH South-Fork Sweet Trixie
Dam: GCH South-Fork Sweet Charity AI 2*M
Owned by Cash Farms