GCH South-Fork Sweet Tease AI
03-04 91 VEEE
DOB: 3/6/2008
GCH South-Fork Sweet Tease
SS: +*B SG Elm*Glen War Emblem
S: *B CH Elm*Glen Bastille
SD: SGCH Elm*Glen Bruno Betty 1*M
DS: *B One*Oak*Hill Tweed Jrooster
D: GCH South-Fork Sweet Charity AI 2*M
DD: GCH Timber*Cove DD Honey Comb 1*M

Her current completed lactation, is
5-11 305 2300 90

Tease is another of our beautiful Charity daughters. She is a powerful doe, deep and wide throughout, with an outstanding topline and the same wide, flat rump of her dam. She has a beautiful udder that is high and wide in the rear with a smoothly blended, well extended fore and just a tremendous area of udder attachment.

Tease finished her championship as a 2 year old, giving Charity one more GCH daughter. I absolutely love this doe, she is easily one of my favorites! Tease is bred to Bode for late February kids. This is a repeat of the breeding that produced Truffles and Token, both lovely milking does that reside in other herds.

GCH South-Fork Sweet Tease
Tease pictured as 3-year-old with 3 freshenings
GCH South-Fork Sweet Tease GCH South-Fork Sweet Tease
Tease pictured as a yearling milker - 2009