South-Fork KIB Maggie Rose
03-05 91 EEEE
DOB: 3/3/2013
South-Fork KIB Maggie Rose
SS: +*B Kastdemur's Eye of the Tiger LA-89
S: *B Kastdemur's Ice Blue
SD: GCH Kastdemur's Aquafina 3*M LA-92
DS: +*B Kastdemur's Full Throttle LA-88
D: J-Haven's FT Livin' In Bliss 1*M
DD: J-Haven's CH Livin' Lingo

Maggie is also a stylish, dairy doeling that really excels in general appearance. She is open and angular throughout, with a beautiful front end and a high, wide escutcheon.

Maggie also earned her dry leg her first time out last season, and quickly became one of our favorites. She has really matured and looks so good, we cannot wait to see this one fresh in the spring!

Last fall we AI'd Maggie and when she never came back in heat we were so excited! But that soon faded when we did ultra sounds and found she was open, ugh! It was late November and really too late to do much so I figured we would just milk her through. Mid January there she was flagging wildly to Dreamer. We both looked at her and each other, and decided kidding late was better than not kidding at all so we bred her to Tidal Wave. She freshened June 14th with triplets, and as soon as she got on her feet we were off to the show. She was 3X first, 2X Reserve GCH in very limited showing due to that late kidding date. She is just spectacular this year, awesome appraisal score, we could not be happier with this doe!

Maggie tricked us again after her AI and did not settle last fall until late. She kidded early May with quads, after a tough bout with toxemia because of them. It took her most of the summer to recover from it, but by the end of the summer she looked great! Maggie was 1X GCH, 1X Res. GCH at the late summer show, which unfortunately did not make sanction! We absolutely love this doe she has been such a wonderful producer for us. She was live bred this year to Kastdemur's High Five. We are so excited to see these kids and get her back in the show ring next summer! First doe will be retained.

We had some really tough luck with Maggie this spring. She went a couple days past her due date and ended up with a c-section and 2 dead doe kids. We are so grateful to our wonderful vet who dropped everything on a Saturday morning and came to help. We are happy to say that Maggie had a full recovery and we are hoping for a normal kidding next spring with her. She is bred to Sundowner for mid March kids. This is a repeat of the breeding that produced Melody.

South-Fork KIB Maggie Rose South-Fork KIB Maggie Rose
Maggie - Fall 2013 Maggie - 2014
South-Fork KIB Maggie Rose South-Fork KIB Maggie Rose
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