GCH South-Fork Classic Juliet
07-05 92 VEEE
DOB: 4/19/2008
GCH South-Fork Classic Juliet
SS: +*B South-Fork SK Class Act
S: *B Shady Lawn Classic Choice
SD: SGCH Tempo Peggy AI 8*M
DS: *B South-Fork Toi Soldier
D: South-Fork TS Cache
DD: GCH South-Fork Silver Cierra 4*M

Her current lactation, in progress, is
2-11 280 1880 68

Juliet was pretty impressive as a dry yearling , and we thought if she really freshened like she looked like she would, she would really be something. Well she did it!!

Juliet is a spectacular doe with tremendous general appearance. She is sharp and dairy, and freshened with a beautiful udder that is incredibly high and wide in the rear, with a well extended fore and near ideal teat placement. Juliet is so smooth on the move she just glides around the ring with that "look at me" attitude. Juliet was 5X BOB, 5X BUOB, 2X BDIS and 1X BUIS this season. Her yearling daughter, Jubilee is absolutely gorgeous! Juliet is bred back to our new Quidditch son with the hope that he will work as well with her.

GCH South-Fork Classic Juliet
GCH South-Fork Classic Juliet
GCH South-Fork Classic Juliet
Juliet as a 2 year old-2010
GCH South-Fork Classic Juliet
Juliet pictured as a dry yearling-2009