GCH South-Fork Sweet Charity AI 2*M
07-05 92 VEEE
DOB: 3/9/2004
GCH South Fork Sweet Charity AI 2*M
SS: ++*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Mac Tumble Weed
S: *B One*Oak*Hill Tweed Jrooster
SD: One*Oak*Hill Mac Jarupa 1*M
DS: *B Altrece Jericho Dapper Dandy
D: GCH Timber*Cove DD Honey Comb 1*M
DD: Timber*Cove Say Honey Dew

Her current lactation, in progress, is
7-0 299 2440 83

Charity is a stylish, upstanding doe, strong in general appearance. She is VERY tall and long, with good feet and legs and a pretty, well attached udder that is high and wide in the rear with a smoothly blended, well extended fore.

Charity was 2nd place 3 Yr. Old, 2nd udder, at the 2007 National Show, and part of our 1st place Dairy Herd and Best 3 Senior Females.

I absolutely love this doe--her size, length of body and her rump are just incredible! Charity is not only a beautiful doe, she reproduces herself. We have 4 beautiful daughters in our herd as well as ones showing and winning in other herds across the country.

GCH South Fork Sweet Charity AI 2*M
GCH South Fork Sweet Charity AI 2*M