GCH South-Fork Sweet Bon Bon
04-04 92 EEEE
DOB: 4/3/2012
South-Fork Sweet BonBon
SS: +*B SG Redwood Hill's Beau Charmer
S: +*B SG South-Fork Toi Soldier
SD: SGCH South-Fork Toi Dancer AI 4*M
DS: +*B SG Tempo Bode Miller
D: South-Fork Sweet Truffles 4*M
DD: GCH South-Fork Sweet Tease 3*M

Her current lactation in progress, is
3-10 194 2150 78

It did not take long for this doe to steal our hearts! Richie and I had both agreed we were not keeping any April kids. Well, maybe we could keep just this one? At that point there was no turning back....she had to stay, and we are so glad because she is a beauty!

BonBon has tremendous general appearance, she is so long and level over the topline, with a beautiful front end. She is strong on her feet and legs and has good width in the escutcheon. She has easily become one of our favorites! BonBon was 1X 1st and JRCH last season, and she was 4th place Intermediate Kid at the 2012 National Show.

Bon Bon was one sweet surprise when she freshened this spring, wow what an udder to go along with that beautiful body! We now have the complete package, and we could not be happier! These Toi Soldier girls are hard to beat! Bon Bon was 2X 1st, 2X 1st udder, including the District 6 Lamancha Specialty show in June.

Bonbon really shined in the show ring last season, going 3X GCH and 1X BOB, finishing her championship in style! We absolutely love this doe and cannot wait to get her back in the showring next summer

Bon Bon had a really tough pregnancy this year carrying quads, and getting toxemia right at the end. I treated her along the way and got her close enough to induce, the kids were fine but it took her nearly 2 months to finally bounce back and eat like she should. She was so thin, we tried everything and she just took forever to come around. She looks great now and is milking really well but we chose to leave her home this season we felt she deserved the rest. We retained her doe kid, sired by Dreamer, and we just love her! She got her dry leg and a BJDIS win her first time out. We will be repeating the breeding to Dreamer this fall, hopefully for March kids.

South-Fork Sweet BonBon South-Fork Sweet BonBon
BonBon - Summer 2012 BonBon - Summer 2013
South-Fork Sweet BonBon
BonBon - Summer 2015