SGCH South-Fork Sweet Taffy 4*M
05-04 92 EEEE
DOB: 3/12/2011
SGCH South-Fork Sweet Taffy
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Her current lactation in progress, is
5-00 180 2000 78

Taffy is a genetic full sister to Hailey. She was our favorite of the baby group and she has turned out to be even more than we had hope for. Taffy is a stylish, dairy doe, long and level over the topline with a long, lean neck, strong feet and legs, and she freshened with a beautiful udder, very high and wide in the rear with a smooth, extended fore and near perfect teat size and placement.

Taffy was 2X 1st, 1X Res. GCH (to Hailey) and was 4th place Yearling Milker, with 3rd Udder, at the 2012 National Show. Last season Taffy was 3X 1st, 1X 2nd, 1X GCH, 3X RGCH (to her herdmates), 1X BOB, 1X BUOB and 1X BDIS. Taffy finished her championship her first time out this season, at the District 6 Lamancha Specialty show in June. She was also part of our 1st place group classes, and was 2nd place dam and daughter (to Hailey and Azure) with her 2 year old daughter Torie at that show. Taffy has always been my favorite, and it is even more exciting to see how beautiful her milking daughters!

Taffy was our little super star of the show season this year, going 5X BDIS, 4X BUIS only to be beaten once by her herd mate Azure. With just one show left to attend we were hoping she would make a clean sweep, but that was not to be. Taffy and her penmate Celebration got sick after that Wyoming fair, and Taffy went into almost total kidney failure. We were terrified we were going to loose her. Luckily we have an awesome vet and they were able to pull her out of it, after 3 days spend at the clinic and 15 liters of fluids later, she got to come home!! She lost a lot of weight and her milk dropped to nearly nothing, but she has gained most of her weight back and is milking ok not like before but ok! Thank God for small miracles!!

Taffy will be bred back to Avalanche which is a repeat breeding of Torie. Buck kids only available.

South-Fork Sweet Taffy South-Fork Sweet Taffy
Taffy as a 2 year old - 2013 Taffy - 2015
South-Fork Sweet Taffy South-Fork Sweet Taffy
Taffy as a yearling milker - 2012 Taffy as a kid - 2011