2018 Doe Kid Reservations

All breedings subject to change. We reserve the right to retain any kid born for our breeding program.

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Contact Marilou at southforklm@aol.com for more information or if you have any further questions

Name of Dam Service Sire Date Due Price Kid Availability
Celebration Avalanche 3/13/18 $600 1st doe retained
2nd choice doe kid reserved
Azure High Five 3/10/18 $600 1st doe retained
1st choice doe reserved
Torie High Five 3/6/18 $600 3rd choice doe reserved
Maggie Rose High Five 3/13/18 $450 1st doe reserved
Let's Party Dreamer 3/7/18 $500 1st doe reserved
2nd choice doe reserved
Claire Dreamer 3/11/18 $450 1st doe retained
Bridgett High Five 3/27/18 $450 No does available
Hallie High Five 3/5/18 $400 1st choice doe reserved
Cee Cee High Five 3/6/18 $400 3rd choice doe reserved
Avery Dreamer $375 4/20/18

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