Alder*Rose Amroth Damselfly
03-04 90 VVEE
DOB: 3/6/2013
Alder*Rose Amroth Damselfly
SS: ++B SG Kickapoo-Valley Travis
S: *B Alder*Rose Travis Dol Amroth
SD: SGCH Alder*Rose Evgeni Yoda 3*M LA-90
DS: *B Alder*Rose Vitali Novikov
D: Alder*Rose Vitali Coby
DD: GCH Devonshire VC Constance 1*M LA-89

Her current lactation, in progress, is
is 3-01 146 1330 42

When we purchased Deschutes from Tessa, she tempted me with this little doe and I could just not resist! Damsel is a beautiful doeling, stylish and dairy, with tremendous general appearance. She is very upstanding with good feet and a high wide escutcheon.

We could not have been more pleased with her and thank Tessa for entrusting us with this fancy girl! Damsel was 2X 1st, 1X Res. JRCH as a kid. We don't show our young stock after they get their dry leg, and since she had not gotten hers she got to go to the show! Damsel matured beautifully and she won her dry leg in style, going JRCH and BJDIS!! She has worked her way right into our hearts, and we look forward to seeing her fresh in the spring.

Damsel freshened with a beautiful udder that is just smacked up as tight as it can be. She never uddered till the day she freshened, which I have never seen before, and I think that affected her production a little this season. She has matured beautifully and did well in the show ring, going 3X 2nd, 1X 3rd this season. We look forward to getting her back in the show ring next season.

Damsel looked spectacular this show season, she is a big, powerful doe and the widest, flattest rump that you could ever ask for. Beautiful udder and her milk production is much better this year. She has also shown well, going 3X 1st, 3X 2nd. 2X Res. GCH this season.

Damsel will be bred to Sundowner for March-April kids.

Alder*Rose Amroth Damselfly Alder*Rose Amroth Damselfly
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