SG South Fork AV Claire
01-05 86 VVVV
DOB: 2/26/2015
2017 & 2018 Elite doe
SG South Fork AV Claire
SS: *B CH Kastdemur's Landslide
S: +*B SG Kastdemur's AV Avalanche
SD: SGCH Kastdemur's Avena 3*M
    2012 ADGA National Champion
DS: +*B SG Tempo Bode Miller
D: SGCH South-Fork BD Celebration LA-91
DD: SGCH South-Fork Charming Cate 5*M
    2007 ADGA Reserve National Champion

Her current lactation, in progress,
is 3-00 215 3018 110

Except for being cream instead of white, Claire is almost identical to Catie. She has tremendous general appearance being long and so level over the top line, with a wide, flat rump. She is a deep bodied doe but very dairy when you get your hands on her. She has a high, wide escutcheon, and both doelings have beautiful teat placement. We have been so pleased with our Avalanche daughters, we feel these two doelings are really exceptional and we can't wait to see them fresh. Claire was JRCH her first time shown, Catie was reserve to her.

Claire is a beautiful yearling, she was Richie's favorite right from the start. She has a beautiful udder with perfectly placed teats, board level topline, there is not much to fault her or her sister for at all. Claire has also shown well, going 4X 1st, 2X 2nd, and was also part of our Avalanche Senior Get.

Claire was just spectacular after kidding this spring! She is a big, powerful doe with a spectacular udder that rivals the udder on our old Cate doe, who was Reserve National Champion in 2007. She freshened this year with triplet doe kids from Dreamer, gorgeous kids every one of them we were so pleased! Because of my illness and then not knowing how it would all play out, we unfortunately did not retain one of her kids.

Claire was 1X GCH this show season. She is bred to Sundowner for mid March kids.

Color - Cream

South Fork AV Claire South Fork AV Claire
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South Fork AV Claire South Fork AV Claire
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