South-Fork Sweet Bridgett
DOB: 3/2/2016
South-Fork Sweet Bridgett
SS: *B Kastdemur's Seven Seven Seven
S: *B J-Haven's 777 Livin' The Dream
SD: CH J-Havens FT Livin' W/Ambition
           2014 ADGA National Champion
DS: +*B SG South-Fork Toi Soldier
D: GCH South-Fork Sweet Bon Bon
DD: South-Fork Sweet Truffles 4*M

This doeling has been a favorite right from the start. She was one of our sets of quads with 3 bucks and a doe. We were really concerned about the free martin thing with her but had the blood test done and she is really a girl, yay!! She is a beautiful kid just really correct, with lots of strength and power and excellent feet, which all the Dreamer kids seem to have. She had Richie's attention right from the start, being one of those kids that you said wow about as soon as they stand up the first time! Bridgett was JRCH and BJDIS her first time shown. Young Stock Appraisal – EC V EC EC overall. Bridgett will be bred to Sundowner for April-May kids.

South-Fork Sweet Bridgett South-Fork Sweet Bridgett
Bridgett - Fall 2016 Bridgett - Spring 2016